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Your unique brand is welcome here.

At Conagra Brands, we aren’t just moving the needle on diversity and inclusion. We’re working to break it by empowering, maximizing, connecting and celebrating the differences that we bring to the table. It’s an imperative that shows up in everything we do, which gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace and helps us make an impact in our communities. We serve a growing range of customers and consumers. To fully meet their needs, we believe our people should reflect that diversity as well. Your unique perspectives and experiences are what will help us push the limits of innovation and forge strong relationships in our communities.


  • To value the diverse experiences and perspectives of every employee
  • To create a culture where employees can share insights and resources without reservation
  • To hire and support talent reflecting the rich diversity of our customers and the communities we serve
  • To build a culture where diversity is an expectation, inclusion is the only choice and belonging is everyone’s reality
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Employee Resource Networks.

Conagra believes in empowering employees to advocate for people and issues that matter to them. One way we do that is through our Employee Resource Networks (ERNs). These diverse groups impact the business and the community in deeper ways – from hosting gatherings, speakers and other events, to mobilizing volunteers and sharing knowledge and insights, to celebrating common values and interests. No matter what your background is, you’re welcome to join any network for which you wish to advocate.



The Candidate Connect program gives prospective employees a unique opportunity: the option to speak with Employee Resource Network members and hear first-hand insights into life at Conagra. From company culture and values to career paths and leadership, we are eager to answer your questions and share stories in this special, personalized way. Discussions you may have through Candidate Connect are confidential and have no influence on hiring decisions. It’s all about helping you find the right fit.

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Serving our communities.

Conagra feels a deep responsibility to care for the communities where our employees and customers live and work. At a time when communities often face tough challenges, we look for ways to leverage our support – product donations, employee volunteerism and cash contributions – to make the greatest possible impact. Conagra’s employees bring a passion for community involvement and service, multiplying the benefits of our corporate giving.


Hunger is an issue we’re especially passionate about. We believe everyone has a right to healthy and nutritious food. Through the Conagra Brands Foundation, we support select nonprofit organizations working on a broad array of initiatives, such as food access, nutrition education, cooking skills, and healthy and active lifestyles. We’ve even supported select urban agricultural programs that, in addition to increasing food access, provide entrepreneurial skills to help individuals participate in the farm-to-fork economy.

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Our partnerships.

Conagra’s commitment to diversity and inclusion extends beyond our own organization. We support a variety of initiatives and external partnerships:

  • Community Partnerships, including Silver Fork (Chicago)
  • Volunteerism Support
  • Promotion of Conagra Foundation Diversity Efforts
  • Supplier Diversity Partnerships (MPSDC) Chicago Board Member
  • EEO/AAP Corporate Responsibility & Plant
  • Mountain Plains Supplier Diversity Council
  • Omaha Diversity 365
  • NEW Network of Executive Women’s Network Chicago
  • McDonald's Diversity Best Practices Inc. (Diversity Forum)
  • Human Rights Campaign