International locations

Our culture background
Our culture background
Mississauga, Canada

Conagra Brands in Canada is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. We have been operating in Canada for more than 50 years, bringing Canadians great food such as VH® Sauces & Dips and POGO®. Our offices are home to approximately 100 employees and are within minutes of downtown Toronto.

In addition to the Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, we have a sales office in Boisbriand, Quebec. We also have manufacturing facilities located in Boisbriand, Quebec, and Dresden, Ontario.

Mexico City, Mexico

Conagra Brands in Mexico is headquartered in Mexico City, the ninth most populated urban area in the world and the second most populated in North America. Over 150 employees work for Conagra Brands in Mexico City — the capital and most important political, cultural, educational and financial center in the country. With a GDP of $315,000 million per year, the city is the eighth wealthiest in the world.

Conagra Brands in Mexico's plant facilities are located in Irapuato, Guanajuato, and employ more than 500 people. The city is a four-hour drive from Mexico City and is located in a strategic position for regional distribution centers. Irapuato is currently a region with an important economic growth and well-known for its production of vegetables and fruits.