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Information Technology (IT) is a driving force in Conagra Brands’ transformation. We’re all about harnessing relevant data and integrating it across business functions, to make our business processes dramatically more effective and efficient. IT empowers employees to make better-informed, high-impact decisions.

Our IT team consists of matrix services and business-facing teams. Here, IT is seen as the enablers of the business strategies. Sound like you? Find your Conagra opportunity.

“I chose Conagra in large part because of the people I had worked with during my internship. They care about more than just the work you’re doing. They care about you as a person and how you’re doing as your whole self. I could see that I would have opportunities in virtually anything I wanted to pursue. The work-life balance was definitely a factor, too.”
Nicole S.

“I thought Information Security was a really cool area of IT, but I didn’t have much experience in that field. So my management team empowered me and supported me in pursuing further education. They have my back and have given me all the tools to do my job. The benefits are great. All in all, I’ve never been happier with where I’m at.”
David T.

Information Technology Careers - 6 MOST RECENT POSITIONS:

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