Our culture background
Our culture background

Our culture.

That feeling around you? That’s the energy of talented people with a passion for new ideas, a collaborative spirit and pride in innovation and growth. We call it the Conagra Experience.

We’re a 100-year-old company with a startup attitude – an imperative to transform how we do business. What’s not changing? Our timeless values: integrity, external focus, broad-mindedness, agility, leadership by all, and a focus on results.

We have the most energized, highest-impact culture in food. We are passionate about building strong brands, making great food, and delivering profitable results. Mediocrity? Not here.

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Our culture goes beyond the workplace.

Conagra Brands gives generously to support the communities where our employees live and work, helping those in need.

The health of our planet and the availability of natural resources are deeply linked to every part of our business. We’re committed to taking action in several key areas like climate change, water resources, waste and sustainable sourcing to ensure that we make great food in an environmentally responsible way.